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KETAI has set up strict quality management system and also achieved certification of ISO9001:2008.The company has an excellent work-team to make progress in developing technology, improving quality and enhancing it’s international competitiveness.

I. quality assurance.

A. The company carries out warranty on the instrument and the warranty period is 12 months.
B. The company is responsible for free repair or replacement of the instrument caused by the quality problem (excluding human factors) within a week.
C. The user has the warranty certificate and the factory certificate when purchasing the instrument.
D. The company is not responsible for the quality problems caused by transportation. Please insure the goods at the actual price.

Ii. Measurement guarantee.

A. All the instrument sold by our company are equipped with MC measurement production license.
B. Please make an appointment in advance for the special metrological verification certificate, and deliver it within 15 days after the payment.

Iii. Supervision and guarantee.

The company guarantee all above clauses will be implemented and supervised by industry and commerce, measurement, tax, price department.


Dear user:

Thank you for purchasing KTI brand product, to better serve you and protect your rights and interests, we would like to explain our service in details as below:
1. We hope to achieve your satisfaction with the service through unremitting efforts。
2. We will provide you with professional high standard service.
3. Reduce the maintenance time of your equipment while simplifying the warranty procedures.
4. Our products have been strictly tested and provide the warranty for the appropriate period.


Our standards are as follows:

1. Our maintenance personnel are professionally trained to meet your requirements for the service.
2. Our inspection equipment has reached the national standard.
3. Our calibration recognition can meet the national secondary standards.

User interests:

1. Free warranty service for 12 months (under normal circumstances).
2. The maintenance service (paid service) shall be maintained after the warranty period.
3. The maintenance time shall not exceed 20 working days (free of transportation time) under the premise of sufficient spare parts, and the fixed time limit of the multimeter shall be within 10 days.

Our standards are as follows:

1.All warranty services shall come into effect on the date of delivery.
2. Warranty service does not include the following contents:
A. The spare parts (power cord and fuse) provided by the product are consumable and not included in the warranty scope.
B. The equipment is not covered under warranty due to human factors or failure to operate according to user manual and force majeure (such as earthquake).
C. Under abnormal conditions, the self-disassembly of the instrument is not covered by warranty.
D. The equipment without warranty serial number.


Post-warranty service:

A. After maintenance, the maintenance part shall be guaranteed for 3 months from the date of delivery.
B. After maintenance, the instrument can be measured by technical lab or testing center, but the user is responsible for the cost.
Technical support: 0512-57730693